Tahoma Review:Submit fiction,non-fiction and poetry

Tahoma Review:Submit fiction,non-fiction and poetry

Tahoma Literary Review  publishes  three times in year in both  e-reader and print versions.According to Tahoma,their aim is to sustain a healthy literary ecosystem.

“A major goal of Tahoma Literary Review is to show that writers and publishers can support each other not only artistically, but also financially” Tahoma.

The journal pays for all fiction,poetry and non-fiction which they publish.

The journal further states that accepted works  are usually nominated for major literary awards and many smaller prizes.

Work published in our journal has been selected for Best American Poetry, Best Small Fictions, Best Gay Fiction, honorably mentioned in Best American Essays, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize by the Pushcart’s editorial staff. Many of the stories and poems we have published are included in anthologies and collections”  says Tahoma.

Tahoma gives contributors the option of blogging for them ,and  also recording audio of their published work for their SoundCloud feature.
Please read their submission guidelines here