Generation Africa 2019: Stories to Documentary Films

The Kenyan film industry is young. It is developing amidst a myriad of challenges: props, equipment and even funding.

This however, has not stopped filmmakers across the country from going out of their way to make amazing movies to entertain the masses.

From Shuga, which was born on this soil and is now touring the continent to Rafiki, the controversial film that has put the nation at loggerheads with the Kenya Film Classification Board chair, Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

That said, we have good damn actors, producers and a dedicated team armed behind the cameras to keep us enjoying our own local content.

The Riverwood Awards 2018 happened not so long ago in Kisumu. Our own kind of Oscars which recognizes the best of the best. I can bet with this spirit, in a few years we’ll be on a higher ground with our films.

All these achievements would not be possible had we not writers. The storytellers. The shapers of what line the director will use and which angle the camera person will incline to.

Generation Africa is a documentary project that will focus on environmental and social challenges with an African touch, highlighting how young people are impacting change in their community.

Powered by STEPS, a non-profit organization in South Africa that has partnered with other like-minded organizations, Generation Africa is looking for ideas of emotive stories that will stir the human core.

The documentary films should border on implementation and performance rather than seeming vulnerable.

See here for more information.

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Compilation: Rehema Zuberi