SOFTBLOW journal:Accepts poetry submissions

SoftBlow does not feign to exist for 360 degrees spectrum of audience .It is for ‘unswerving lovers of poetry’ asserts the journal .It is for those who appreciate how long poetry has traveled through epochs.Soft blow has stretched through four hands of time (from 2014) and throughout this time offered shelter to contemporary poetry from the four winds of this great Orb we found named Earth.

Cyril Wong ,a  Singapore based bard is  behind Soft blow and co-edited  by Shanghai based poet named Eric Low, together with the Founder of Grey Projects-a poet named Jason Wee.

Soft blow advises that they do not remunerate Poets whose works are featured on the Journal. The journal is updated monthly. The poets featured in the past are to be found in their archive.Softblow announces about future day updates on their very Facebook page.

To submit on Soft blow, smoothly paste 4-6 works and a brief Bio in the body of the  email and  email to

The journal gladly welcomes short prose that ‘defies categorization’.Softblow asks for first   for the for ‘the first online serial rights to print publication in Asia’; and ‘other limited rights’. Authors retain Copyright to their works.

What else, did I forget anything? Oh yeah –The photos  you will see presented on Softblow  are courtesy of Calvin Pang, the journal credits .The  photos are  ‘ordinaries  in his life, encounters with people and solitary interludes’  Soft blow reveals. Calvin Pang is Singapore based art practitioner . His images depict a desire for a journey faraway and the dreams of an unknown destination which awaits’

He is quoted as such, “There is a lot that you can’t change when you are a kid. But you can pack for the journey…”

Talking of travel, do you agree   with Erol Ozan that  ‘Some beautiful  trains  can’t be discovered without getting lost?

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