Contest:Investigative bribery stories (worldwide)

Citizen journalists,print reporters and bloggers are invited to submit for a prize,stories on bribery cases.The call has been made by Trace International,a globally recognize anti-bribery business organization and leading provider of  third party risk-management solutions.

Eligible works must have appeared either in print or online in 2018 and may cover actual law violations as well as activities that cause significant conflicts of interest and related misconduct.

Two winners will each receive US$ 10,000 ,and a  funded trip to the award ceremony in Mid 2019.Two honorable mentions will each receive US$1,000.

The deadline to apply is Jan. 31, 2019.
For more information on application process,click here


African Writers Development Trust:African Writers Award shortlist will be announced next week

African Writers Development Trust:African Writers Award shortlist will be announced next week

African Writers Development Trust  has announced that the African Writers Shortlist will be  announced on the week ending November 9.At the same time ADT has  noted that there were fewer entries  under the Children’s Literature category.

‘This is not far from the truth that there are few writers of children’s stories in Africa’ added African Development Trust.

This can be interpreted to mean that there is an opportunity in children’s literature.

Glenna Luschei Prize 2018

Good news for African poets! The Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry 2018 is open for submission. A book published in English in the past year of original poetry  in a standard edition.

The book should be about 50 pages or more and written by an African author.

Only entries in English are welcome but published translations are also welcomed. Self published, books by APBF and its African Poetry Series are ineligible.

There is no entry fee to submit to the contest. The deadline is 1st October, 2018. Download the entry form.

Questions? Contact African Poetry.

Written by Rehema Zuberi Rehema Zuberi 

African Writers Award 2018

To empower writers of African descent, the African Writers Development Trust gave birth to the African Writers Award which is the climax of African Writers Conference. Held annually, the award seeks to recognize unique, impactful and thought-inducing stories.

This year, the African Writers Award is focused on the plight of the girl child. The theme is Reimagining African Literature: New Voices, New Narratives in the Fight for the Girl Child.

Closing on October, 13, 2018 to allow for appropriate reflection on the entries, African Writers Award is looking for:

Flash Fiction: Up to 300 words.
Poetry: Maximum of 30 lines
Short Stories: 2,500 – 5,000 words.
Children Stories: Up to 1,500 words (illustrations are optional).

Note that African Writers Award accepts only a single entry per writer.

The conference slotted for 1st December, 2018 the award with prize money will be presented to 4 winners. Not one, not two but FOUR winners! You can be one of them.

For more on this award and how to be part of it, visit their page.

Written by Rehema Zuberi

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2019

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2019 welcomes short fiction written in English.Opening on 1st of September, 2018 and closing on 1st November (11:59pm) the same year, it gives participants ample time to work on their short stories.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is an annual award managed and sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation. It concentrates on unpublished short fiction (2,000-5,000 words) from member nations, Kenya being one of them.

In its 7th year now, the Commonwealth Short Story Prize has seen many winners from various regions. The judges are usually drawn from each of the areas allowed to take part.

There will be a total of 5 winners, one from each region, one of which will be selected as the overall winner. The 4 will receive £2,500 as the overall winner receives £5,000.

The best thing about this submission is there are no restrictions on setting, theme or genre. It is also free to enter. How wonderful is that?

Entries are expected to be original and unpublished previously, as the worldwide copyright remains to be the writer’s. Commonwealth citizens with stories in Kiswahili, Bengali, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Samoan and Tamil and no translations of the same are still eligible.

Go here for directions and entry rules.

Compiled by Rehema Zuberi

The Penn Review:Open for submissions

The Penn Review publishes original poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual artwork.The journal was  founded in 1965  at the University of Pennsylvania .It has continually  published literary  and  visual arts from the United  States and around the Globe.The Penn Review features  a  blend of emerging  and established voices in their  bi-annual  publication.The Penn  is at the  time of this  review  ranked as ‘one of the  25 Fastest Fiction & Poetry Markets  in Dutoropoes’ database.
The  Penn website  says that they strive to respond  to submissions within a week ,with  an average of 1-2 day response time.According to their  website ,one can submit up to  five poems .Simultaneous  submissions  are allowed .The  winner  receives $500 and  print publication .The  winner  is nominated for  the Push cart Prize.An  entrance fee is  required  but Penn  undergraduates can receive a  waiver.
To  submit  to Penn  review please  read  the  submission guidelines  here
Hekaya initiative: Short Story anthology from East African Coast

Hekaya initiative: Short Story anthology from East African Coast

In the dawn of 2018,Hekaya Initiative called out for short fiction stories from Coastal Writers. Hekaya emphasis that the heart of the literary initiative is to amplify Coastal voices which ripple and spans from Mogadishu to the Kiswahili-speaking part of Northern Mozambique.The initiative is intent on exalting Coastal voices by publishing prose, poetry and portraiture from Coastal dwellers.Hekaya holds that the dwellers of the expansive and idyllic African Coast belt share strong cords and the sound of their voices is harmonious.

Talk of  mellow  Kiswahili .Talk of the  garb-Kikoi which is a signature attire with rich variance in style.A Somali Kikoi looks as magnificent and just as tasteful as the Kikoi styled  and donned in the  Lamu Archipelago.

Oh Music the collective  spice of life  and healer of many a  soul.The Taarab and Chakacha varies only in tone from the beats of the Comoros.

Please download the  anthology here 

Acclaimed Coastal Scholars and  Writers

The Coastal region has  begot literary sons and daughters, globally acclaimed scholars of  literature like  the late  Professor Alamin Mazrui (bless his soul)- an academic professor, and political writer on Islamic and African studies and North-South relations.Prof Mazrui believed  that  there are  six paradoxes  that are fundamental to unraveling  Africa.

  1. Africa is the cradle of humankind-he the bipedal primate,but Africa is the last continent (besides Antarctica) to be  habitable in a fashionable sense.
  2. Africa is the most unique from the West culturally, but oh Africa,it is giving up its  culture  and  adopting  the Western culture at a tragic speed.
  3. Although Africans have not been the most abused group of humans in modern history, they have been the most disgraced.
  4. Africa possesses extreme natural wealth,but its people are poor of the poorest .
  5. Africa is huge, yet sadly disjointed into fragments
  6. Africa is geographically central, but unheard because it is at the political outskirts.

Prof.Rayya Timamy,she the  Author of Utendi wa Mwana kupona,Huku na huku- Homa ya Nyumbani na Hadithi Nyingine,Mwalimu  adui-Alionja asali  na Hadithi Nyingine ,Ulimwengu wa Kanga’Jinamizi la  ubaguzi-fimbo ya mbali na  hadithi nyingine .

Prof.Chimaera  Noma Award winner of  2000 for Ufundishaji wa fasihi.His published  works include  Kiwahili :Past ,Present  and  Future Horizons  and  Ufundishaji was Fasihi:Nadharia na Mbinu (co-authored with (Kimani Njogu) and a play Mnara wawaka moto! 

Professor Abdulrazak Gurnah from island Zanzibar.His novels include-Memory of departure ,Pilgrims  way,The last gift,Gravel  heart, Desertion, Admiring the silence ,Dottie, By the sea  and Paradise.The most illustrious of these are Paradise, Desertion and By the Sea, the first was shortlisted Whitebread Prize  and  the Booker.By the Sea was long listed for the  Los Angeles Times Book Award and the Booker.

Others  are Ali Atas ,Alwis Shatry and  Ngala Chome.Coastal  region is home  to gifted  Writers poets  such as Thomas Mlanda.He of the Setbook Help is  a  Writer,Literary theorist and critic.

As such, the  coastal region, a boiling pot of culture is  endowed with  spellbinding story telling prowess and has  carved a space for a fantastic fusion of languages as merchants and  missionaries  diffused from Coast to mainland in the days of yore.

Compiled by ‘Land of Bones’ Author