Rose Maina:The subtle art of getting someone interested

By Rose Maina

“When you want someone to do something, make them want to do it.” I took no much thought about this piece of wit until recently.

It was during a time my organization was planning a certain forum. And I was tasked with the role of identifying and inviting the panel of guests. And my senior at work had helped me identify one particular person, in the business world whose profile was very notable as the panel needed to be experienced persons who would share their insight and tips on business success to the audience mostly of startups.
So this morning I walked up to my desk, made a quick internet search on his company and realized the task that lay ahead.
I noted that, armed with a sufficient background information on him, my task would be much simplified. Then I got this sad thought, that, not once, or twice, I had set off to ‘woe’ a target but got turned down! I replayed this scenario in my mind…switching role of the audience with my now target but maintaining mine, and realized somberly that this time there was no luxury on losing. This was a business affair, away from my one or two hobbies back in campus.
I grabbed my receiver and dialed his office number. I managed to get as much as his personal contact.
Come Monday morning, and I promptly make that call. I go ahead to do it as norm, introducing myself, my company and magnifying our success then popping the invitation. Said briefly, I didn’t get the ‘direct yes’ I needed.

I decided to change tactic. Excusing myself from office, I grabbed my bag and wrote down the location of his office and stepped out.

And so, in my high heels, and lifted chin, I knocked on his door, without an appointment. “At times, when you badly want something, you put aside protocol.” I made a point to comfort myself out of that notable lack of manners on my part and walked in following a welcome.

After a brief exchange, there, Mark (not his real name) was ready to hear me out. I swept my eyes swiftly across his desk and realized that this was one busy man! “So, out with that proposal,” I heard a firm inner voice.

First thing was definitely a congratulation to the continued effort and notable success of his organization. I genuinely let him know that the business was in a good footing with its customers and that the whole lot of us were impressed. “For how long have you been in existence?” I was keen to ask him to which he responded, “Close to a decade,” and I was floored! That introduction went so well that sooner, it was time to pop the question. One I fashioned in wits and delivered so. I brought him to the knowledge that since he had accumulated such noteworthy success, a platform of young people with start ups would be greatly helped by his advice. And our company had put together such a platform, that’s why I was there, to extend him the invitation. Then I crossed my fingers.

After what seemed like a three minute pause, those words I had tried to get from our phone conversation unsuccessfully, came all so swiftly, “Yes, I’ll be there. Just give me the dates and time.” I almost acclaimed aloud! I left the office after he was done diarizing the event. Thanking him for his time and acceptance, I walked out of his office, like one from a victorious battle!

Wasn’t it as easy as that,” when you want someone to do something, get them to want to do it.” Shall you?

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The writer holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University.She is passionate about entrepreneurship and with a keen interest on start ups.More from the author can be found on here


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