Fellowship:Breakthrough Generation (students and young professionals worldwide)

Fellowship:Breakthrough Generation (students and young professionals worldwide)

Applications for Breakthrough Generation Fellowship 2019  are now open for students and young professionals.The Fellowship program is an initiative  of  Breakthrough Research Institute.The program seeks to foster a new generation of writers and thinkers who will be able to find  innovative and sustainable  solutions to the present day greatest challenges in the areas of environment,energy and economy.

In addition to research and analysis, fellows attend the Breakthrough Dialogue-an opportunity to interact with the leading thinkers, writers, and scholars in the study of society and the environment, as well as attend talks, debates, and working groups within Breakthrough’s different program areas.

The initiative was founded in 2008 and each Summer  it brings into a Fellowship five to ten outstanding  young thought leaders,writers and analysts.This Fellowship is highly competitive as it accepts up to 10% of applicants to get immersed into  cutting edge research,writing and public policy analysis.

The first two weeks of the summer are dedicated to Breakthrough Bootcamp, an intellectual crash course involving intensive reading, writing, and an expert lecture series designed to provide a grounding in the broad-spectrum thinking that informs Breakthrough’s policy agenda. Topics covered include modernization theory, social psychology, aspirational politics and philosophy, economics and innovation policy, and technology policy.

Every day of Bootcamp, fellows have a set of readings covering themes such as pragmatism, risk and the precautionary principle, modernization and development, energy systems and transitions, conservation in the Anthropocene, natural resources, and futurism. Highlights from the syllabus include excerpts from Why Nations Failby Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen, “The Entrepreneurial State,” by Mariana Mazzucato, and Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris. These readings form the basis for a variety of group discussions, presentations, and workshops designed to facilitate learning and hone participants’ skills in analysis, presentation, and debating”

Final-year undergraduates, college graduates, and postgraduates are eligible to apply for the fellowship. Fellowships are open to applicants from any country.

Apply for Generation Fellowship here



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