Publisher:AK Press accepting manuscripts.

AK Press is interested in works that reflect rich traditions within anarchism (theory,culture,history,labor,economics) and related movements.The publisher is interested in both contemporary and historical.They make an effort to provide materials of use to academics,activists and individuals in pursuit of intellectual self-defense and revolutionary socio-economic change.AK further welcomes the opportunity to work with Authors from diverse backgrounds.

Submission guidelines:

  • A brief cover letter which explains the book rationale ,the target audience  and the reason for choosing AK press.
  • A brief bio of the author and contributors.
  • Whether the submission has been submitted elsewhere  or whether it has only been submitted to  AK Press.
  • A table of contents and brief synopsis of each chapter (including an indication of length, photos, illustrations, etc.).
  • If the manuscript is in-progress, please include an accurate completion date.
  • Any previous books, anthologies, or publications  published under Author’s name.

Read more and submit,best regards

Do you need help in your manuscript review? Please contact Nairobi Literary Cafe by filling the form below.




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