Register for Global Landscapes BONN 2018 conference!

Register for Global Landscapes BONN 2018 conference!

The Annual GLF Bonn conference will bring together multiple stakeholders –policy makers,scientists,framers,civil society, indigenous community, and women’s groups, students,youth, foresters and youth – to engage,diffuse knowledge and assess knowledge and recent impact stories from the landscapes where they work and live.The 2018 GLF Bonn conference seeks to accelerate the conversion of commitments to spur action and flame up the passion that  generated the New York Declaration on Forests and other pledges that were made.

This year’s conference will pool 1,500 participants and thousands on digital platforms  to enrich the discourses ,to learn,network and collaborate.

. During the two-day event, 1,500 participants are expected to attend along with tens of thousands online for the digital edition, for enriching discussions, learning, networking and collaboration.

According to BONN Memo,’By registering to participate at the Annual GLF Conference, your contribution will directly support the attendance of global indigenous, community and youth groups from more than 50 countries.

The prices for admission to GLF Bonn 2018 are as follows: $375 for general participants$190 for general participants from developing countries, $150 for COP 24 delegates and $60 for students.

learn more about the conference,here


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