Thimble Literary Magazine:Submit poetry and short-stories

The Thimble Literary Magazine is primarily a poetry journal but invites submissions on related topics such as artwork, stories, and interviews.

We are not looking for anything in particular in terms of form or style, but that it speaks to the reader or writer in some way. When selecting your poems or prose, please ask yourself, did this poem help me create shelter? Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere. All material must be original and cannot have appeared in another publication.’

  1. Poetry: Please send us three to five of your poems.
  2. Short Stories: Please send a single work of around 1,000 words. It can be fiction, creative non-fiction, or somewhere in between.
  3. Essays: Please send a single essay of 1,000–3,000 words that touches on contemporary issues in literature or art.
  4. Art: Please send us three to five examples of your art, which can include photographs and photographs of three-dimensional pieces.

Learn more about submission requirements here


Poetry Submissions:8 poem journal accepting submissions

Poetry Submissions:8 poem journal accepting submissions

8 poems is an online journal, 8 Poems publishes 8 poems every month. Each poem is paired with an image. The website  and the issues are easily navigable ,and to interact with. The poems themselves are powerful and clear in their intent.  You can learn  more here.

Eerdman publishing:Accepting interesting fiction and non-fiction manuscripts

Eerdman Publishing:Accepting interesting fiction and non-fiction manuscripts

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers publishes picture books, middle reader and young adult fiction and nonfiction. Eedman seeks manuscripts that are honest, wise, and hopeful; but  they also publish stories that simply delight  with their storyline, characters, or good humor. Stories that celebrate diversity, stories of historical significance, and stories that relate to contemporary social issues are of special interest to us at this time. We currently publish 12 to  20 .

Send manuscript submissions to:
Acquisitions Editor
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
4035 Park East Court SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

Read more about submission requirements here.


Short-story:Owl Canyon Press-$6,000 Contest

Short-story:Owl Canyon Press-$6,000 Contest

Owl Canyon Press is hosting a short-story contest with US $ 6,000 in prizes.Canyon provides a first paragraph and the 25th paragraph and the story must be fifty paragraphs long -ah that twist!

Each paragraph needs to be at least 40 words, which means your story will be at least 2,000 words long.

Owl Canyon calls  it  a hacakathon ,and  it comes after  a  success of their  maiden hackathon earlier this year.

According to the contest page:

Writers are invited to create and submit a short story consisting of 50 paragraphs. The contest provides the 1st and 25th paragraphs, and the short story writer crafts the rest.   First prize is $3000, 2nd prize is $2000, and 3rd prize is $1000 with the winning short stories published in a short story anthology, as well as an invitation to give a public reading at Inkberry Books in Niwot, CO. The twenty-four (24) Finalists will also have their short stories included in this anthology.

A finalist will not be paid  but their story will be published.

Submission deadline to enter is 1 December, 2018.

To learn more, and to enter the contest, this page

Fellowship:Breakthrough Generation (students and young professionals worldwide)

Fellowship:Breakthrough Generation (students and young professionals worldwide)

Applications for Breakthrough Generation Fellowship 2019  are now open for students and young professionals.The Fellowship program is an initiative  of  Breakthrough Research Institute.The program seeks to foster a new generation of writers and thinkers who will be able to find  innovative and sustainable  solutions to the present day greatest challenges in the areas of environment,energy and economy.

In addition to research and analysis, fellows attend the Breakthrough Dialogue-an opportunity to interact with the leading thinkers, writers, and scholars in the study of society and the environment, as well as attend talks, debates, and working groups within Breakthrough’s different program areas.

The initiative was founded in 2008 and each Summer  it brings into a Fellowship five to ten outstanding  young thought leaders,writers and analysts.This Fellowship is highly competitive as it accepts up to 10% of applicants to get immersed into  cutting edge research,writing and public policy analysis.

The first two weeks of the summer are dedicated to Breakthrough Bootcamp, an intellectual crash course involving intensive reading, writing, and an expert lecture series designed to provide a grounding in the broad-spectrum thinking that informs Breakthrough’s policy agenda. Topics covered include modernization theory, social psychology, aspirational politics and philosophy, economics and innovation policy, and technology policy.

Every day of Bootcamp, fellows have a set of readings covering themes such as pragmatism, risk and the precautionary principle, modernization and development, energy systems and transitions, conservation in the Anthropocene, natural resources, and futurism. Highlights from the syllabus include excerpts from Why Nations Failby Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen, “The Entrepreneurial State,” by Mariana Mazzucato, and Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris. These readings form the basis for a variety of group discussions, presentations, and workshops designed to facilitate learning and hone participants’ skills in analysis, presentation, and debating”

Final-year undergraduates, college graduates, and postgraduates are eligible to apply for the fellowship. Fellowships are open to applicants from any country.

Apply for Generation Fellowship here


Tahoma Review:Submit fiction,non-fiction and poetry

Tahoma Review:Submit fiction,non-fiction and poetry

Tahoma Literary Review  publishes  three times in year in both  e-reader and print versions.According to Tahoma,their aim is to sustain a healthy literary ecosystem.

“A major goal of Tahoma Literary Review is to show that writers and publishers can support each other not only artistically, but also financially” Tahoma.

The journal pays for all fiction,poetry and non-fiction which they publish.

The journal further states that accepted works  are usually nominated for major literary awards and many smaller prizes.

Work published in our journal has been selected for Best American Poetry, Best Small Fictions, Best Gay Fiction, honorably mentioned in Best American Essays, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize by the Pushcart’s editorial staff. Many of the stories and poems we have published are included in anthologies and collections”  says Tahoma.

Tahoma gives contributors the option of blogging for them ,and  also recording audio of their published work for their SoundCloud feature.
Please read their submission guidelines here


One story accepting submissions,grab it!

One story accepting submissions,grab it!

Dear writer.

One Story Journal is a great one.It publishes  single short story every three weeks. One Story  produces both prints and e-version of a chosen story.Very often it follows that the published tale is accompanied with interview with the Author of the story.

Did you know that One Story has published a number  a number of respected and best selling authors including Elizabeth Gilbert, B.J. Novak, Stephen O’Connor, and Aimee Bender? Says One Story website.

Please bond with one story and get to know each other here


One story pays US $500 per story.