Open Fiyah Submissions

Fiyah is a magazine of black speculative fiction that is produced quarterly by and about Black people of Afrcan Diaspora. It is as simple as #BlackWritersMatter.

Guided with the belief that black is different, Fiyah seeks nothing more than Black excellence. Furthermore, they believe in stories across all people, either LGBTQ, people living with disabilities or the neurodivergent.

Everyone has a story to tell, don’t be shy.

Although the submission has no specific theme, the following will be immediately rejected:

  • Graphic depictions of rape or sexual assault
  • Unnecessary brutalization of women and children
  • Depictions of brutalization/abuse of people with living with disabilities
  • Graphic abuse of animals

Fiction should range between 2000-7000 words while novelettes be about 15,000 words. Poetry should be speculative, weird as well as honest.

Multiple submissions as well as previously published work is not allowed.

Read here for how top go about it. The window closes on 31st October 2018.

By Rehema Zuberi


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