Zizzle: Flash Fiction for Children

Zizzle is an international literary magazine for young minds.They believe in imaginative works that will not only engage children but also amaze mature audiences.

It is known that a child should be nurtured into a habit from when they are still young. This way they learn quickly and are able to progress and tap into it as they grow.

Reading is one of these activities. Besides informing the child, it also stimulates their mind in regard to their environment. If you do it right, your child will gobble up books at a shocking rate as they discover their genre.

To promote this, Zizzle welcomes your stories with new perspectives in fiction. Writers should be 18 years old and above. Enter only previously unpublished work.

There is a catch to it, submissions are free until 31st December 2018! From my calendar, that is more than enough time to craft a story considering it is only 500-1200 words.Check out more of the guidelines.

Accepted pieces will be paid a sum of $100 and be published online, in print o both!


By Rehema Zuberi


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