Royal Media Services Recruiting

Growing up Kenyan, most parents in the generations before the 21st century, would address their children with a mix of Kiswahili, vernacular and English especially in academic matters.

With children, it is very easy to learn languages and if the parents, relatives and teachers carried with them an influence in their pronunciation, more times out of none, the child in question inherited the same.

It is not uncommon to find a good population in Kenya being trilingual due to this culture.

In the recent years, vernacular television and radio stations have sprouted and mushroomed the space. This has enabled information to be widely shared across the country in the various languages we boast of.

The Math is easy, these stations need people to man them. Presenters, commentators, advertisers, you name it. These are none other than you and me.

Your mother tongue can crash the waves, it is not only valuable in the homestead anymore.

Are you fluent in your languages? Visit Royal Media Services and bag that job!

By Rehema Zuberi



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