Ambitious Girls 254 Search for Mentors

Girls are the fabric that create and hold the society firmly. They say when you educate a boy, you have empowered an individual but when you educate a girl, the entire community becomes equipped to trod on!

It is with this motivation that Ambitious Girls 254, an online and offline platform that is focused on mentorship calls out to mentors who will be fundamental to the cause.

Although their name seems to point out that they are all about girls, their purpose is to serve the child irrespective of gender.

Ambitious Girls 254 is seeking mentors for the Kakenya Center for Excellence(KCE) Program 2019. Ambitious, self-driven and inspirational young women armed with leadership skills, will go on to inspire teenaged girls at the center who are setting and working towards their dreams.

Interested in being part of this noble cause? Register here!

As they say, a candle loses nothing by lighting another. Be that candle, if you can’t light, at least cast a shadow.

Compiled by Rehema Zuberi


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