Rock and Sling Submissions

Rock and Sling is a literary journal of witness published twice yearly at Whitworth University. It is compounded on upholding Christian values of honoring God and following Christ through service.

Oh, you are free to use the David-Goliath interpretation of the name but the Rock and Sling team believes it is way much more as you can find out here.

Although it is a Christian journal dedicated towards spiritual values, they also accept original works that are secular in nature. The vision is to serve as a gateway to artistic discussions by being as open as possible.

The poetry and fiction submissions which end on 30th September 2018, one is to send no more than 5 pieces as separate documents and up to 5,000 words or less although longer works will be considered, respectively.

Rock and Sling also accepts art and photography, graphic art and comics and reviews.

Submit your fresh pieces now to wow the the editors and the entire crew.

By Rehema Zuberi


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