Anthology: Ashes and Entropy

One can tell that this will be a very interesting anthology from the title. I mean, who puts ashes and entropy together! It has a very striking ring to it which peaks curiosity.

Ashes and Entropy is open for only 2 short stories sent in by September 30th to make the anthology complete. I know what you are thinking, so here goes:

  • Eligible for writers from marginalized demographics i.e women, persons with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, people of colour etc.
  • The stories should be 6,000 words in length or less. Note that the payment is 6 cents and longer stories although accepted, will not be paid past the limit.
  • Cosmic horror and noir (or neo-noir) stories with a deep emotional aspect.

Original, amazing and gritty pieces will take you to the top and put you in the anthology, courtesy of Kickstarter Backers.

Click here to enter your story.

By Rehema Zuberi


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