2019 Future For Nature Award

The beauty about life is the diversity it brings through the people, humans. There are good people, bad people, good-good people and extremely bad, malicious individuals. But again, these are the kind we inhabit the earth with, we can’t complain.

In the categories of humans, depending on how and where you were brought up comes compassion. Different people do many things in a bid to fulfill this need to serve the exigency that comes with being alive.

Some choose to lead lonely lives, some choose to lead, some start big, huge corporations, others just wait to die. Some choose conservancy. They decide their lives are bigger than themselves. They do it for the future.

Aside their personal vocations, these friends conserve nature. They wake up for species of plants and wild animals. They protect them. They want them to survive to see another day.

Are you a young conservationist? Able to lead, energized, driven and making the difference? Do you know anyone committed to this cause and is below 35 years?

Future For Nature Awards 2019 is seeking them in a bid to recognize the effort they are making in their own ways. € 50,000 prize money can go along way in growing the big project you have been nursing.

The finishing date is 16th September, 2018. Hasten and apply!

By Rehema Zuberi






































































































































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