My Best Story 2018

The great thing about life is stories. And we humans gather, listen and tell stories each and every day. Moments, memories, plans and even thoughts make these stories for us.

The big Q is Which is your Best Story? The Short Story Project 2018 hankers not just any story, only your Best. Your best story has already appeared online? No problem, you can still make your entry.

The most unbeatable thing about My Best Story is that there will be a range of winners. Forget the top 3 you are used to and say hello to a whooping 20! You read that right. Although all the 20 writers will take something home, only the topmost 5 will be featured in The Short Story Project. I know where I’d want to fall, do you?

For eligibility, your best story must not exceed 2,500 words. It must be in English but in whichever genre tickles your fancy. Can you bring it on? Terms and Conditions apply.

The entry fee is only $17. Submission doors close on 30th September, 2018.

Are you ready? Tell your story here!

Written by Rehema Zuberi


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