African Writers Award 2018

To empower writers of African descent, the African Writers Development Trust gave birth to the African Writers Award which is the climax of African Writers Conference. Held annually, the award seeks to recognize unique, impactful and thought-inducing stories.

This year, the African Writers Award is focused on the plight of the girl child. The theme is Reimagining African Literature: New Voices, New Narratives in the Fight for the Girl Child.

Closing on October, 13, 2018 to allow for appropriate reflection on the entries, African Writers Award is looking for:

Flash Fiction: Up to 300 words.
Poetry: Maximum of 30 lines
Short Stories: 2,500 – 5,000 words.
Children Stories: Up to 1,500 words (illustrations are optional).

Note that African Writers Award accepts only a single entry per writer.

The conference slotted for 1st December, 2018 the award with prize money will be presented to 4 winners. Not one, not two but FOUR winners! You can be one of them.

For more on this award and how to be part of it, visit their page.

Written by Rehema Zuberi


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