Flapperhouse Submissions

Flapperhouse is eager, excited and at the edge of the seat waiting to nibble down your submission!It is looking to publish literature that is surreal, shadowy, sensual and/or satirical.

Although multiple submissions are allowed, Flapperhouse recommends that an interested party enters one at a time in each genre.While at it, ensure your work is spontaneous and fun. We are looking for something we can relate to.

Flash/Short Fiction: Up to 5,000 words. Excerpts from longer works accepted as long as they are self-contained.

Poetry: Up to 1,000 words.

Non-Fiction/ Essays/Reviews: Up to 2,500 words.

Comics: Open to black and white entries.

The response time is anything between 42-90 days. If your submission blows the Flapperhose team’smind away, there is a pay that comes along with it!

Does it get any better than a monetary reward? I tell you it does! You will also be entitled to a complimentary print copy and a digital (PDF) copy of the publication your work appears in.

All submissions should be sent to flapperhouse@gmail.com

Please go to Flapperhouse for more information on the guidelines.

Written by Rehema Zuberi


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