Literary profiles:Eunniah Mbabazi,Engineer,Creative Writer,Poetess and Mentor

Eunniah Mbabazi is a creative writer and passionate reader, from the virgin lands of Western Kenya. She loves nature, speaking out her mind and listening to what life has to offer. She developed her reading culture at a tender age and has grown to find solace in ink carefully inscribed on paper. Hailing from a background where voicing of opinions was rare, she resorted to writing as a means of expressing her feelings. She generally writes about what happens to her (mostly) and what happens around her. She is a lover of literature and finds solace in novels. Some of her works are published  her work on Rapando Magazine  and on her blog Mbabazi tales She also writes for Kasoma Africa and Budding poets, which is a  group of 25 poets that post their work at Rapando Magazine

Eunny is also an  affiliate of Writers Guild-Kenya in charge of the Guild’s operations at the Coast. She is also a member of the Set Book Help group whose aim is to aid high school students in Mombasa and Kilifi counties get a thorough understanding of their set books. Her  debut book of fifty poems  will be  published this year.Eunniah Mbabazi is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate.

Eunny’s  writing advice

Don’t try to figure out why you’re writing, or how the writing will flow, or how your life will change after writing. Just start.


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