Armarolla Journal:Accepts submissions throughout

Armarollla is a quarterly literary journal and a ‘cabinet of literary’ curiosities according to their website.

Armarolla accepts submissions throughout the year. The journal accepts prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and visual works. The magazine also accepts hybrid pieces that ‘challenge the boundaries of format and genre’. Armarolla is looking for work that is ‘whimsical, sparks curiosity and stormy. Work that transcend format and genre, and which may ‘subvert the expectations’ and might be unfit for the literary mainstream. The journal appreciates experimentalism and translingualism.

The Journal accepts international submissions. According to their website, the magazine accepts previously unlisted work but the Author retains the copyrights.

Armarolla accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify them on time if your work gets accepted elsewhere.

Submission guidelines

Please submit your as a Doc. For image submissions, Armarolla prefers high resolution .PNG files. For video submissions, they request that you send us the link to your work and make sure to include screenshots for the print version of armarolla. For audio submissions, send a link to your work and make sure to include an audio script for the print version of armarolla.You can make your submissions by clicking here



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