Mantra Review:Literary Submissions accepted throughout

Mantra Review:Literary Submissions accepted throughout

Mantra Review is  a print and online  journal .Mantra publishes  poetry  three times  a year.The  journal  publishes thoughts ,sacred  utterances and  numinous  sounds.

Established in 2017 by Samuel Binns, Mantra Review publishes visions, prayers, and dreams, sacred narratives, histories, praises, ritual scenarios, praises, musings, namings and proverbs, all meant to be read aloud as mantras.

Mantra holds that it is committed to exploration of ‘spiritual yearning and rituals, whether they are religious, cultural, or personal’

The journals hopes to serve as ‘a rite of passage to shift the shadowy parts of the self’. Mantra aspires to ‘dispel fear and its many manifestations’

Submission guidelines

A maximum of three poems of any length are welcome .Mantra welcomes simultaneous submissions  but please notify them of your wok  is  accepted  elsewhere. The journal does not accept previously published works. According to their   website, they do their best to respond within a week.

 ‘We ask for first publishing rights, with rights reverting to the author upon publication’ the journal request. As a compensation for publication ‘authors receive three free copies of the print journal’ Mantra bleats .

Please submit  your  all poems in one file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

This is the  Submission Link.It will open if you click .Regards

Compiled by the  Author  of   ‘the  land  of bones’



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