Literary Profile:Brian Kasaine,Creative Writer

Literary Profile:Brian Kasaine,Creative Writer

Brian Kasaine is a Short Story Writer and Poet, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the  Author  of ‘ Around The Campfire,’ a book exploring love that makes cupids envious, heartbreaks that break the door knob to the doctor’s for a stitch, inspiration that inspires a modification of psychology to become better, and a painstakingly charted roadmap that guides humans back to what really matters- humanity.
Brian ,one of the  Judges in Newman Movement 2018 Writing Contest -Nigeria ,teaches rudiments of creative writing in High Schools, melding the lessons with Personal Development. Brian will be releasing a second book titled Hemispheres, co-authored with James Coburn, a 2013 inductee of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.
An affiliate member of the Writers Guild Kenya and a student of Human Resource Management at The Co-operative University of Kenya, he says writing is his purpose; it came attached to his breathing. The young writer with interest in the film making industry and storytelling says if he furthers his studies, it will be along the lines of creative writing and philosophy.
His lifetime dream is to write, travel, and serve humanity.
Writing advice from   Brian Kasaine 
As a writer, I’ve realized 50% of writing is mental. It is the ability to believe that in the creative ‘oven’ in your skull you can bake that piece of writing that will have impact. When you sit to write, know that you are not alone. You have the one person who will never leave you- the creative legend within you. Let the legend take the wheel, and build resilience even when nothing good is coming out.
Brian Kasaine’s  Around  the Campfire’  is available  here at Impact Voices and Prestige  Bookshop at Kes 400 per copy .Order now .
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Compiled by  Tom Mwiraria 

2 thoughts on “Literary Profile:Brian Kasaine,Creative Writer

  1. Brian Kasaine says:

    Thank you Rehema, your words are the shock paddles of a defibrilator in a surgery room, and they’ve just shocked me into new insipiration

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