Literary Profiles:Munira Buzunesh–Rights Enthusiast,Freelance Writer and Author

Literary Profiles:Munira Buzunesh–Rights Enthusiast,Freelance Writer and Author

When artists conform, art dies, when art dies, the human race suffers

Munira Buzunesh-Social Rights, Freelance Writer and Author

Munira Buzunesh is a Social Rights Enthusiast. Freelancer Writer and Author of a bold and creative anthology  named ‘Unfit for Society’

‘Moonrise’ a B.SC Microbiology – Kenyatta University has contributed to the new curriculum Literacy and Indigenous Languages books for Longhorn Publishers and South Sudan School English Text Books. She is an affiliate of Writers Guild of Kenya and an ardent reader.

Munira’s ‘Unfit for society’ anthology

The ‘Unfit for Society’   tackles the debilitating challenges the Northern Kenya Community grapples with each dawning day. The  book dares a  seven headed dragon of  Tribalism ,Bad Governance, Early Marriages ,Religious prejudice ,youth radicalization into  the  evil of terror  groups, forced marriages ,domestic violence and –rape!

Munira grimaces as she recounts how some of her cousins in leaf softness and  fragility  of a minor were forced into marriages.

‘Some ran away because they were pressured to marry men they did  not love’  she  spills.

As for domestic violence, Munira reveals that it happens around her neighborhood.Screams of wives being battered by their husband is ‘ritualistic’

 ‘Domestic violence against women happen almost on a daily basis’  the Author  of  ‘Unfit for Society’ laments’.

Among the seven tales is ‘Hanging from the edge of half a moon’ ,‘a  woman like me’ ,‘Dawn of Death  and  Unfit for society’

 Hanging From the Edge of a Half Moon tackles youth radicalization and their joining terror groups .It  depicts  the experiences they go through, how it changes them.

 A Woman Like Me is tale of lady who grows up in a conservative family but finally breaks free from fetters .She tragically lands in the hands of a violent man but she is dead scared to leave ,when she finally leaves, she settles with a man who loves her but it is all too foreign to her- the love, the attention and care. She gets pregnant but loses the child. Her brother is also hacked to death killed in a tribal clash. The story is about her trauma and the journey to recovery.

 Dawn of Death is a tale set in the deserts of Marsabit. A tribe descends on a rival tribe leaving  a gruesome bloodbath in the  wake. Dawn of Death exposes hatred between the communities which births untold human suffering .The tale ends with reconciliation.

Unfit for Society is a story of a Muslim woman who falls in love with a Christian man. Her father, an extremely religious man disowns her .The woman   is unbudged. She vehemently refuses to marry the man his father chooses for her. Unfit for society is a tale of hope, of breaking free from shackles and declaring freedom for herself being against the  world  that is forcing  her to something else . It depicts   a world where love transcends and crosses all man-made lines of prejudice.

The Unfit for  Society  retails  at  Kes  1000,and  it is available  at Prestige  Bookshop.It can  also be  acquired by  contacting Munira directly on :+254714811318

Compiled by Tom Mwiraria

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