Literary Profiles:Collins Odhiambo,Author and Creative Writer

Collins Odhiambo  is a Kenyan Creative Writer.The Secret Source and Miss Pheromone  are  his  foremost novellas .The Bell Ringer, a collection of short stories is  another notable repertoire from Collins’ gushing creative fountains.

Hundreds of his literary articles have been carried in the Saturday editions of the Daily Nation and in other Kenyan national newspapers. His text books of English, the KCSE Masterpiece English series, serve students well in the classrooms. His poems and plays continue to offer singular joy on various performance stages.

An alumnus of the University of Nairobi, Collins Odhiambo is the president of Alyp Writers Organisation  which champions literacy and nurtures creative production. Alyp is headquartered in Siaya town, Kenya, where it has had a tremendous impact in its five years of existence. This includes the annual Alyp Literary Festival happening in the month of December. As well, Alyp has established a permanent national visibility, leading thought in the country’s literature and literacy.

Alyp is envisioned as a centre of creative and scholarly excellence noteworthy worldwide. Towards this vision, the organisation steadily marches. Thanks to its mission of liberating potential, more people are experiencing their talents: writing and publishing, reading and discoursing usefully. In 2018, Alyp seeks to have its members publish some of the finest works of literature.

 Bluebell by Collins Odhiambo

Busy bees buzz towards the many a bluebell blossom

Which colour the land where they stand royally

And clothe the atmosphere’s bosom

In charm and majesty

While many a bee flies about shelter-skelter

The swift and focused ones fix their probosces deep

Into the secret zones of sweet nectar

And silent remain as they sweetness reap

How I envy the bees –

Particularly the swift,

Which have entered their bluebells with ease

And now actively partake of the precious gift!

Daughter of the black soil, be a bluebell

And I’ll be a swift and focused bee;

While others still hum, whistle, whine and yell

Your sweetness will already be softly killing me

Be my bluebell and seat me right inside

That I may learn the mystery of your sweetness

And thereby gain the singular pride

Of being witness to your infinite goodness

©2018 Collins Odhiambo

Review of  Collins Odhiambo’s The Secret Source

The Secret Source is a fast-paced, gripping piece of narration.Makambo’s talent could easily go unnoticed. It could suffer the all too common fate of suppression and eventual neglect. It could be dismissed with a wave of the hand as some hazy dream. The germ seed of Makambo’s talent, however, is so potent that no one, and nothing, succeeds in preventing it from coming to fruition.

This novella inspires faith in personal ability, urging that any suspicion of some special talent be granted heaps upon heaps of the attention as it germinates, grows and blossoms.

While at it, the page-turner also celebrates the elderly and wise individuals, who are the custodians of authentic knowledge and heritage. From them, youngsters can always draw leisurely and usefully, just as the protagonist has done in his battle to stay the course of his destiny.

Learners in upper primary and those in secondary school will find this book both fine and very useful. Besides its inspiring themes, it is a masterfully crafted piece of prose, couched in high standards of English expression; hence, it does justice to one’s language needs. Of course, the general reader, too, will reap the deep joy that rests between the book’s covers.

The Secret Source (Ariba, 2018) is the first in the ‘Secret Series’ of Collins Odhiambo’s novels, which trace the exciting life of the same protagonist. Priced at KSh 390.

The Secret Source by Collins Odhiambo

  Compiled by Tom Mwiraria

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