Travel Writing tips,Day one

Venus placed her hands close to her heart and crossed her fingers. Intertwined them as if she was holding something precious. She was holding a precious thing. Her heart, but it was broken. Badly mangled by life.

Her long eye lashes fluttered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, regaining control of herself again. Fighting a stream of tears.

Wanderlust consumed her; it burned her soul like she like the core of bonfire. Her reality was hard. Her life was becoming hollow. It was crashing to a halt. Nothing she could tell herself made the desire of escape go away. To jump into Kenyan coast bound bus or take a plane; anything that could lead anywhere but there.

No more, she said. This is enough. Enough of monotonous life. Enough of livings in a programmed life like a  Robot  Enough of living in a confine and servitude.

She opened her eyes and ran back home. She dashed in pretty fast, ignoring the screams of her parents. In her room, she grabbed her backpack full of books and few essential clothes. She took the debit card and left without a single word. The shouts were still on her ears. Receding as she hurried off.

Minutes later, she jumped on a bus that lead to Jomo Kenyatta International airport. Then she laughed, she laughed so hard it hurt her jaws. She was going to do it. She was doing it. She was going to fulfill her dream; she was traveling with a pen, a notebook, a backpack and a big smile.

For the first time in her life, she felt in control of herself. She felt happy again. And then she knew, and nobody could take it away, not anymore.

Now, she was invincible. She was a drop of free water, and her world, no universe was infinite and possibilities were unending. She was officially a nomadic travel writer and a celebrant at the altar of life.

Venus’ travel writing tips

Adopt a unique writing approach and style

When   everybody is rambling right,dare take  a left turn .Taking  a  different  detour  will position you uniquely from  the crowd  and  your  travel  features  (articles  ) will be mesmeric. Many writers  write the  obvious  when they travel .You  are different  ,use a third eye  to write   the  unseen .Dig up a story within  a  story , a  story worth narrating .

Do your homework   before travelling

Once  you have  a  story  idea ,do  some  secondary research on websites , publications  and social media .It will help you pin-point  the must  see  attractions, as  such you are able to allot  your time   prudently . Learning ahead of time  would  also help you estimate the costs  you may incur ,and give you a  cue on how to minimize risks. Once you have discovered the  gems, pitch your soul out to the editor .If possible pitch multiple features  per trip. This way you will make the most out of the trip .If  you are usually paid  per  feature ,multiple  feature pitches would   ensure the  break-even .

When you get home or to the hotel produce fascinating articles

It is easy get  completely swept away by vistas  ,food and  experiences  while on  the trip, it’s only human  but  remember  to  write  the stories  as  soon as  you can before the  pulse  gets cold. Travel writers can’t afford to let  ideas  ebb away. Get busy editing photos and writing the stories you promised the world. Share your experiences on social media   platforms. Be sure to hash tag aptly.

Send a thank you text-email, call.

Take the time to write a heartfelt thank you. It’ll mean a lot to the folks who hosted you, guided you  or  some  nice folks you met  along .

  By Tom Mwiraria,Writer and Coach



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