Creative writers:Submit to Blanket Sea

Blanket Sea publishes  fiction ,creative non-fiction,poetry  and  art by  writers  living  with  chronic illness,disability or mental illness .The  journal highly encourages  works that fall along the mentioned categories .Most  importantly ,Blanket Sea  is looking for openness ,honesty and  truth .

 The journal rejects anything that is sexist, racist and discriminatory. It closes its eyes to ableism or anapirophobia or  anapirism and all forms of disability discrimination

A list  of ableist languages  and  alternatives can be  found here

Articles for Blanket Sea magazine are accepted on  a  rolling basis Submissions  that adhere to the  spelt out guidelines get a response.In case  you don’t get  a  response  after 4–6 weeks time  you may follow  up. The journal allows simultaneous submissions but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let them know.

Submissions must be original however previously published works and reprints are accepted. Authors retain rights to their pieces of art.Upon publication, individual rights return to individual authors.

Creative Non-Fiction:The Word limit for Creative Non-fiction is 2000 but the ‘sweet-spot’ is  500-1000 words. You may send  as a  text on the body of the email or as  Doc/Pdf attachment .

Fiction: The Word limit for Fiction piece is 2000 but the ‘sweet-spot’ is 500-1000 words. You may send as text on the body of the email or attach as  Doc or Pdf file.

Poetry: Blanket Sea accepts up to five poems. You may send   the poems o n the body of the email or attach a Word or PDF file.When it comes to Poems .they prefer poems  that are not ‘super long’  and poems that do not rhyme.

Please send your submissions accompanied by a Bio written in third person .A Cover letter is optional and you may use a pen name. Submissions should be sent to

Please visit their website  here for more details.

            Compiled  by the Author of ‘Land of Bones’


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