Submit to Prufrock, African Literary journal

Prufrock is a South African  literary journal.Prufrock  accepts submissions throughout the year. They accept unsolicited submissions ranging from poetry, fiction and non-fiction. They are open to diverse content and styles .While they prefer writers from across the globe, they are excited to publish the best   African writing by African writers.

According to Prufrock, their writers have used their pieces to successfully apply for writing scholarships, including  The Miles Morland Foundation.The journal prides itself for   the writers  who have  won and shortlisted for   literary prizes including the The Caine Prize  or  have their works published  on  the New Yorker, Sunday Times, The Guardian, as a direct result of their work being seen in their journal. They are happy  to provide references .Their  fulfillment  ,they  say  is  to see new stories told by new writers, edited and laid out to make them  dazzle, and to  craft a magazine that is   gripping  and  fulfilling  to read.

The general submission guidelines according to their website are as follows:

  • They prefer to receive original work, i.e. work that has not been published before. If your work has been published before, please indicate how, where and when
  • Maximum word counts are 6000 words for pieces of fiction, and 8000 words for non-fiction. Minimum word counts for both genres is 300 words.
  • They accept work in any South African language.
  • They accept work from writers of any background, nationality and/or residence.
  • Please send us up to three poems at a time. Your poems can be of any length.
  • The’re happy to publish excerpts from books, scripts, etc. Please indicate whether your submission is an excerpt.
  • Similarly, translations are welcome, as long as the source text and author is credited.
  • Please  accompany your submission with a brief (40 words max) bio.

Send Poetry to Genna @

Send Non-fiction submissions to Simone @

Fiction to Nick @

For more details please  visit their website here 

Compiled by  Tom Mwiraria,Writer



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