Freedom anthem

Almighty freedom, sweet sound of the free grace my soul. Placid sun of liberty shine my path across frozen lands unknown .Shine East and West ,Shine North and South ,sun of liberty, gentle child of the morning.Energetic lad of noon.Calm elder of twilight. Brave souls of freedom lead my feet to the land of Eagles, lions and Morans.

Beauty of freedom lead through meadows of color ,verdant hills and fields of gold ripened grain.I lay down my undoing ,I regret my  undoing .Freedom lead me to eternal wonders ,fill me to the brim with bliss now that you have taken tempests and storms that buffeted my life

Freedom leads me to eternal brooks that quench a searching soul. Fill me with awe of the Ancient of ages far from land where only a handful believe and understand.I throw away my mask and weight that so easily beset me and now I can smile to the last molar because freedom you are my portion.

Because you have loosened the bolts  that  had long  locked my mind ,because  you set  me free to believe  and pursue the glitter of my imagination ,and see a thousand   worlds. Freedom, the world cannot hold me anymore.

Freedom, the amplification of once muted voice, you have inspired me with courage to think audibly and not feel smart or stupid, but for freedom’s sake I have voice. Freedom ,I know  I make mistakes  but  you did  not  scowl at me, it is by  making mistakes that I led a  self-revolution .

I’m free, free, free at last I’m free. Freedom you have given me wings of joy, and quenched my heart with drinkable light, and intoxicated my mind  with possibilities, and oh freedom release the  captives of this world too. Freedom their wings are too bright to  be  clipped ,their  minds too towering to be  caged.Freedom open their eyes ,freedom.

Tom Mwiraria,Author-Land of Bones anthology


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