The city of bones

The city of bones

Five years ago on a day like this at Mifupa stadium,the reptilians released two doves into the sky but the immaculate birds refused to fly.The birds were panic stricken as I was. They refused to fly into the future because the future was bleak and terrifying. I noticed the foreshadow and quivered as I told the netizens but regime surrogates in their numbers defended the utopia by firing angry salvos at me.I turned the other cheek and wept like Ramah wept for her children.

“A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.”

I do not know the fate that befell the hapless doves for the ’embarrassment ‘ they caused but your guess is as good as mine. What I’m certain is that Kenya entered into an epoch of unprecedented corruption.Even grandmothers were busy at it. The climbers of Mugumo tree harvested as much ‘firewood’ as they could.The national feasting started. Public coffers were ransacked and philandered.Anything eatable was gobbled up faster than you stop!Voracious ogres stationed at various ministries salivated at anything .They gobbled up without blinking and went back to scavenge the scrumbs because their bellies are bottomless pits.

Poachers of men roamed the streets of Nairobi. The hyenas of greed were put in charge of human babies and cunning foxes were charged with a ‘duty ‘ to ‘tender ‘ to the widows ‘ broken hearts.Boys looked up to pigs for mentorship and girls kept standards by following Radio, TV and Instagram bootylicious Jezebels.

Priests and priestesses without duty wore long flowing robes like basic Pharisees and showed up to dine with reptilians and scavengers of Savannah. All the while the wails of agony pierced in the dark till they became faint groans of death.Oh poor, into mist they are born and into mist they return.

In Muranga, youth drunk Kiomboki ,Dogodio and industrial chemicals.They went blind and passed out in gutters.In Nyeri,horny wives in their droves gathered twigs and protested their men’s dismal performance in horizontal,vertical and sideways matters.

Doctors removed their white coats and butchers wore them.Cholera wreaked havoc as tummies ran marathon. Hospitals became tunnels of death.Teachers protested that the buttons they are paid cannot keep their bodies together. They downed their tools. Monuments of ignorance towered to the sky.

The nude’ heroes monuments became desiccated and blasphemed holy heavens with nudity. Rivers of murk and poison gushed down into Eastlands with an impossible stench and myriad diseases in the book. Hoi polloi’s boobytrapped themselves with sham and illegal power connections. Tongues of fire licked up the shanties and in the wake a devastation that dare not speak its name.

Metallic monsters roared and rolled down sombre black stretches. Roads were paved with gory skulls and they became highways to hell as souls arrived with screams.

Cats and clowns took over TVs and newspapers. Lions slumbered and squirrels took over running public affairs. The culture became moronic and spread like bushfire.Capitalists like witches had a field day massacring by poisoning the populace with processed, chemical laced foods. Idiots demanded a right to be heard like Nobel Prize winners.

Against this backdrop, the ‘have ears but do not hear, the have eyes but not see’ sang praises like Emali town choir.

Tom Mwiraria,Writer



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