How to write and Earn and earn at Crowd Content

How to write and earn at Crowd Content

In the online jungle, it requires intuition to tell a fowl from a duck.The scams in the online seas are abound mate.Even though the sites promise that they are pure and without trace of suspicion like Caesar’s wife ,they may have issues.Far be it from me to burst your bubble-It’s a thing  I don’t  do but   it’s good  to  be objective ,isn’t ?  Some sites come dangling  ‘apples’  in a  basket .They tell  you to do absolutely  nothing but  pick  your freebies and  munch them all the  way to  the bank .These are  the  signs of the time .Now  it is my earthly calling to  boost genuine  opportunities.From your part  you a will expend some  energy working  but not working like  a Dynamo because at Crowd-content  you can choose what you enjoy doing.

How Crowd Content works

Crowd content is a Co. that exists to market content by leveraging both  crowd and cloud   resource mix. Where is the Company based? It is based in Canada but it has opened its door to writers and Editors from across the planet Earth. The stellar Editors and Writers fulfill the clients’ needs.

On  crowd  content you won’t see the board overflowing  with client requests  but the  work is plenty if you  are a good writer and  if you have mastered the art  of impressing  the clients .

Crowd Content is Amicable and Professional

The People at Crowcontent are friendly and professional. Rarely will one spit venom at your or breathe down on your beck .You can share tips and ask questions without feeling as if you committed a heinous  sin.

Flexibility and rating

There is a wide array of work type and opportunities at Crowd Content .If you make it to 3 and  4 star  ratings, opportunities  will  flourish.

Tip:It is worth to take time and effort to write a striking first writing sample. You wil be judged from this   and hey, make sure your Profile and  Bio  looks  professional .

When and how payment is done

Crowd Content pays every week, and their word like Prophet Elijah’s does not fail. They pay on Tuesdays and Fridays Via PayPal.

How to   join Crowd Content

Tip: Writers and can Editors can join Crowd Content here 

Tom Mwiraria,Writer

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