Tom Mwiraria ,the founder of Nairobi Literary Cafe is a Story teller,Journalist and social rights enthusiast. Author of a travel non-fiction ‘Enchanted Kenya’ and collection of short stories entitled ,the ‘Land of bones’.Writer with UN Environment-Global Outlook 6 Youth Publication and Daily Nation.He has contributed short stories  on multiple journals  including The Kalahari Review,Hekaya Review  and Writers Space Africa .He has contributed Essays and papers on academia.edu and and Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda -STTA .Mwiraria ,a Writing  Coach is also Member of International Journalists Network (Ijnet) ,Young African Leaders Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Writers Guild of Kenya (WGK).He was a participant in  Short Story Day Africa  Forum in Addis  Ababa ,2017.Mwiraria is currently Long-listed for Eco-Warrior Award by Eco-Tourism Kenya,Best Writer/Journalist category in promotion of Culture and Heritage.

Mwiraria, has been  interviewed  by African Freelancers ,Kenya Broadcasting  Corporation (KBC) on  Books  and  Reading  Daily Nation By the Book  Series,Taifa Leo and Writers Guild Kenya