About Impact Voices

Welcome to  the  fireside  in the moonshine.Here’s to the Voices that Impact  our Society in a great ,transformative way.Here’s to the  hero ,the heroine you are .Here’s to the crackling tales told by fireside.Here’s to literary  discourses and unprecedented opportunities for the bearers of blazing pen.Here’s to thinkers without borders.Africa is rising!

About  the  Founder

I’m the sound of my soul.The voice rippling across cosmos of my mind. The fountains spouting from overflow of my fluid soul. I’m water.Vapour to vapour.Water to vapour.I’m a substance increasing and decreasing.Affectionate, electric, sweet and sad yet sadness and sweetness is not me.I munch tangerines of sadness with the brethren in the house of mourning.Sometimes I’m all lone my grotesque shadow pinned on the wall-mocking me.I shun ephemeral merriment.I’m happy when I write.I write to impact souls.I’m saddened by destruction of Earth yet sadness and happiness is not me.These are transient, these are not me. I am not them.I’m a male of human species.A mate and companion of people yet they are not me and I’m not them.I’m a forest of influences. An associate of people but I’m not them. I dress in a certain fashion but my identity is not my dress. I’m moulded work of art.An organism born of parents and parents before them,born of parents from infinite obscurity but ……I’m not them.They are not me.I laugh hahahaha.I croak, I’m a world wanderer.I travel -oh travel-that great epiphany.I travel to exercise my liberty before my mortality screeches to a halt and my soul spills out and dissolves into eternal light.I’m perpetually fearing the forever darkness.I imagine .I’m the image of my imagination. My identity is defined by the commitments.The results of my work is me but not always for me .My thoughts .My choices.My dreams . My values-truth, loyalty, care and courage are my reflection.

Work and  associations

Tom Mwiraria ,the founder of Impact  Voices is a Story teller,Journalist and social rights enthusiast. Author of a travel non-fiction ‘Enchanted Kenya’ and collection of short stories entitled ,the ‘Land of bones’.Writer with UN Environment, Daily Nation ,WILK-Why I Love Kenya Magazine,Bibsbebe Magazine and Kasoma Africa .He has contributed short stories  on multiple journals  including Hekaya Review  and Writers Space Africa .He has contributed Essays and papers on academia.edu and and Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda -STTA .Mwiraria ,a Writing  Coach is also Member of International Journalists Network (Ijnet) ,Young African Leaders Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Writers Guild of Kenya (WGK).He was a participant in  Short Story Day Africa  Forum in Addis  Ababa ,2017


Mwiraria, has been  interviewed  by African Freelancers ,Kenya Broadcasting  Corporation (KBC) on  Books  and  Reading  Daily Nation By the Book  Series,Taifa Leo and Writers Guild Kenya